The Value of a Fiduciary with Caleb Vaughan, CFP® (Ep.2)

The Value of a Fiduciary with Caleb Vaughan, CFP® (Ep.2)

How can you be sure your financial advisor will keep your best interests in mind when planning your financial future?

In this episode, David Koren is joined by his RVA Wealth Management colleague, Caleb Vaughan, CFP® to discuss their firm’s planning process and how they help clients build their portfolios. Listen in as they highlight the value of a fiduciary advisor, and how to best find the right advisor for you.

Caleb and David discuss: 

  • Why you should interview your advisor (Remember: YOU are hiring THEM!)
  • How to tell if an advisor is right for you and your needs
  • The value a fiduciary brings to your life and financial future
  • Unique strategies that RVA implements to support their client’s financial plans
  • The dangers of “just figuring it out” on your own–why financial advisors are an investment in themselves
  • And more


Connect with David Koren: 

Connect with Caleb Vaughan, CFP®:

About Caleb Vaughan, CFP®:

Caleb Vaughan is an experienced financial planner at RVA Wealth Management focused on addressing the needs and concerns of families and individuals. David Koren said “Caleb has “really taken our firm to another level.” 

Caleb earned his Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Finance, and CFA & CFP® Tracks from Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business in 2013 making him one of the younger advisors at RVA!

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