The Role Your Financial Advisor Plays in Managing Your Wealth (Ep. 17)

The Role Your Financial Advisor Plays in Managing Your Wealth (Ep. 17)

Considering getting a financial advisor but don’t know if it’s worth it? 

We feel like we’re family here at RVA Wealth, and when a client comes in, we become a part of their family too, and that’s a very important aspect of being an effective wealth manager.

This week on Unleash Your Retirement, David Koren and Michael P. Smith, CFP®, discuss financial advisors’ important role in wealth management. They explore the importance of establishing a strong, long-term relationship with clients, and discuss complex issues such as estate planning and assisted living. They emphasize proactive planning to help avoid probate, the benefits of comprehensive financial planning, and the importance of working with a fiduciary consultant to help clients and their families manage their wealth.

David and Michael discuss: 

  • The role of financial advisors in wealth management
  • How financial advisors become an extension of their client’s families
  • What probate is and how proactive financial planning could help you avoid it
  • Their personal anecdotes and experiences in financial planning
  • And more


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