Mortgage Mastery: Navigating Interest Rates With Russ Nash (Ep.19)

Mortgage Mastery: Navigating Interest Rates With Russ Nash (Ep.19)

Looking to explore how mortgage interest rates impact your home-buying decisions? 

Join David Koren as he and Russ Nash from George Mason Mortgage share valuable insights on navigating mortgage interest rates for primary, vacation, and investment properties. Gain a deeper understanding of construction loans, refinancing strategies, and how to optimize your home-buying decisions.

David & Russ discuss: 

  • Mortgage interest rates
  • Refinancing strategies
  • Investment properties
  • Construction loans
  • Asset depletion 
  • And more


Connect with David Koren: 

Connect with Russ Nash:

About our Guest: 

Russell Nash has been working in the mortgage field for the last 25 years and is currently a branch manager at George Mason Mortgage, LLC NMLS #327463. Whether you’re moving into your first home, moving up to something bigger, building, renovating, or refinancing your current mortgage, he prides himself on being able to help you build a brighter future. He is committed to providing clients with prompt and transparent communication, excellent customer service, competitive rates, programs and fees, and service even after settlement.

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