Exploring Educational 529 Plans With Caleb Vaughan CFP® (Ep 21)

Exploring Educational 529 Plans With Caleb Vaughan CFP® (Ep 21)

Uncover the full potential of 529 plans for helping your family’s educational and financial future!

This week on Unleash Your Retirement David Koren jumps into the intricacies of 529 education savings plans with Caleb Vaughan, RVA Wealth Management’s in-house 529 expert. Listen to gain insights into how these plans work, the benefits they offer, and the strategies for maximizing their use—all aimed at supporting educational aspirations and the financial well-being of up-and-coming generations.

David and Caleb discuss: 

  • The basics and benefits of 529 plans, including tax advantages and usage across states
  • Navigating the selection process for the right 529 plan, including state-sponsored versus advisor-assisted plans
  • Strategies for enhancing the tax efficiency and potential growth of 529 plans
  • Overcoming common misconceptions and what to do when a beneficiary decides not to use the funds
  • And more!


Connect with David Koren: 

Connect with Caleb Vaughan:

About our Guest: 

Caleb is a CFP® and brings with him a wealth of financial planning knowledge to the firm. Caleb specializes in developing creative solutions for our clients’ most complex problems. Caleb was attracted to RVA Wealth Management because of the firm’s focus on delivering an engaging, highly personalized client experience and its commitment to the highest standard of integrity.
Originally from Mechanicsville, Virginia, Caleb obtained his B.S. from Virginia Tech and spent nearly 6 years serving clients at a prominent wealth management firm in Greensboro, North Carolina. Caleb and his wife Jenny decided to move back home to be closer to family after the birth of their second daughter.

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