Common Investment Risks with Michael P. Smith (Ep.12)

Common Investment Risks with Michael P. Smith (Ep.12)

Can investments be both growth-oriented and risk-averse?

In the latest episode of Unleash Your Retirement, David Koren is joined once again by Michael P. Smith to close out their 3-part investment series. This episode will help you uncover the balance between seeking growth and minimizing risk in your investment portfolio.

Their conversation offers a wealth of insights, including:

  • Decoding risks in investments from company troubles to market trends
  • Why spreading your investments is crucial
  • Growth tactics for the young investor: high gains with calculated risks
  • Financial prep for retirees: managing money for life’s surprises
  • Tackling inflation and investment ties: strategic planning essentials
  • Going global: using “bond ladders” for smarter international investments
  • Modern portfolio theory: custom-fit your investment comfort level
  • And much more!


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