Retirement Investing 101 with Michael P. Smith (Ep. 9)

Retirement Investing 101 with Michael P. Smith (Ep. 9)

Stressed about planning for your retirement? 

You’re not alone.

Join host David Koren and his fellow colleague Michael P. Smith as they share actionable investment and retirement strategies designed to ease your anxieties. Together they break down investing options, how to navigate your time horizon, and the importance of different revenue streams.

Throughout the episode, David and Michael cover:

  • Why having a clear vision for your retirement is a necessity
  • How you can best maximize your 401(k) for your retirement
  • The pros and cons of loaning versus owning 
  • How to measure your risk tolerance against your risk capacity
  • And more!


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About Our Guest: 

Michael P. Smith is a Certified Financial Planner with over 20 years of experience and a Portfolio Manager at RVA Wealth Management. Starting his career on the Boston Stock Exchange, Mike is a professional in turning retirement worries into well-laid plans. He’s not just a financial guide but a guardian of your future, adhering to the highest ethical standards. With RVA Wealth Management, Mike is all about active communication and customized investment strategies. Off the clock, he’s a family man and community leader, deeply rooted in sports and local organizations. 

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