How Much Money Do I Need To Have To Retire? (Ep. 5)

How Much Money Do I Need To Have To Retire? (Ep. 5)

Is there a way to know if you’ve saved enough money to retire? 

Very few people actually do the work to figure out if they will have enough money, and then when it comes time to say goodbye to the 9 to 5, they find out that they don’t have enough, and panic ensues.

Let’s make sure you are prepared to retire comfortably!

In this episode, David Koren, MBA, ChFC®, CLU® talks about how to calculate the money you need to retire, the necessary steps of figuring out how much you currently spend, setting a realistic date for your retirement, and estimating potential expenses combined with inflation.

David discusses: 

  • Why you may not spend as much money in retirement as you do now
  • How to adjust your estimated “expense number” for retirement and inflation
  • The different income sources you can use to supplement your retirement savings
  • And more


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